Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Prototype Design Leaked – Dual Cameras, Screen Ratio nearly 100%!

Apart from the limited stock, Xiaomi Mi Mix was the most innovative phone of the year. It was even mentioned in the ‘Time’ magazine. It’s Edge-to-Edge design, and the ceramic body won the hearts of million of Xiaomi enthusiasts around the world. Although I’m praising this flagship too much Mi Mix is worth of admiring. Xiaomi Mi Mix is trending worldwide, but what about its anticipated younger brother ‘Xiaomi Mi Mix 2’.

Xiaomi CEO ‘Lei Jun’ said that Xiaomi would cooperate with the French designer and maker of Mi Mix ‘Philip Stark’ to introduce the concept design of the second generation of Xiaomi Mi Mix. Then both of them will think to make the design more innovation and put into the reality of the product.

Recently, the first rumored prototype of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 was leaked on Weibo by ‘@friends.’ This time it’s a 360-degree animation, exposing all sides of what’s supposed to be Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 prototype.

Diving into the details, the leaks illustrates a screen to body ratio of nearly 100%, apart from the thin border at the bottom. Moreover, the phone also features a dual camera this time along with a rear fingerprint sensor. Let’s hope that it’s an ultrasonic fingerprint module like integrated inside Xiaomi Mi 5s. Plus, Xiaomi must do something to enhance the robustness of Mi Mix 2 (use Corning Gorilla Glass Protection 3 or 4)

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 gif

According to the news, Xiaomi MIX second-generation screen ratio is expected to upgrade to 93% from 91.3% of Mi Mix. Also, there’s the continuing of the ceramic chassis and acoustic earphone technology at the same time, and AMOLED display (let’s hope it better be 2K or 4K). There’s a lot of time until the release of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. All we have to do is anticipate. What more do we need in Xiaomi Mi Mix 2? Comment!Read more about cheap Xiaomi Smartwatch for Android if you want to buy any smartwatch for you and don’t forgot to use gearbest discount code



  1. I wish people would stop helping Xiaomi to spread their false advertising. The Mi Mix has a STBR of roughly 88%, not 91%. It might only be 3% but that’s a big difference when talking about bezels. It’s the difference between having almost no bezels on the top and sides (like the photoshopped marketing pictures they put out) to having the exact same amount of bezels as almost any other flagship on the sides. The only thing they did which is still very significant, was reduce the top bezel to the same amount as the side bezels and then introducing new technology to get around having no earpiece speaker and a traditional proximity sensor.
    I still think the Mix is a beautiful phone and I’m glad that more companies are going in this direction but false marketing, especially deliberate photoshopping of marketing images to falsely represent the actual product, should be called out on.

      1. He’s no shit and you should really watch your language and attitude. He is providing reasonable arguments. You don’t. You’re just impolite.
        However, I’m missing sources to support this his statement, Xiaomi would falsely claim the screen ratio. But if I’m interested or disagree, I can kindly and politely ask him, instead of being an impolite jerk.

        1. Thanks for being decent Daniel. He’s only upset because I criticised a company that he loves. It’s quite pathetic really.

      2. The only other company I’ve seen that has blatantly done something like this is Huawei who also photoshopped their bezels to appear smaller. Do you have examples of others? Please share!

        1. Hello, everyone. This is just a news. I’m not doing a review on it to tell whether the screen to body ratio is 91.3% or 88%. To verify the news authenticity I added a source in Chinese which says that Xiaomi Mi Mix has a screen ratio of 91.3% (real or not). Moreover, every company do enhance its advertised picture, like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei to increase product selling. It’s just like people beautify their pictures from the beauty mode in smartphones to look attractive. LoL.

          1. Hi Roman, thanks for your reply. I understand that it’s just a news story but still, I feel it wouldn’t hurt to check the facts before posting something. Anyway, regarding beautifying product images, it’s true that every company does it but most companies don’t outright misrepresent the product. They might make it look really shiny and smooth or whatever, but other than Huawei, I haven’t seen many examples where they make the screen look bigger than it really is.

    1. Yes (almost) every company “beautifies” their pictures. In the case of the Mi Mix marketing image it seemed obvious to me immediately, that a black device on dark background might not show the bezels realistically. However, any educated consumer can easily check alternative sources like pictures, articles, reviews etc. So that’s no false claim to me necessarily in this case. I agree with you however that some companies overdo it at times.

      Regarding the screen ratio: I can’t judge if it is really falsely claimed or calculated. Where did you get this from? I’d be interested in the source.

      1. Well this is just one of many sites where I saw a proper calculation of the actual STBR: https://www.mobilescout.com/xiaomi/news/n75314/Mi-MIX-91-percent-screen-body-ratio.html

        They also provide a direct comparison between a marketing picture and the real thing. To me, it goes beyond simply beautifying their picture because as you can see, the example shown is not a black device on a black background that’s making the bezels hard to see. The bezels actually look completely different and much thicker in real life.

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