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35 fun Google Assistant Easter eggs to try

Google Assistant,

Bestin his class, is packed with full of humor (just like Siri Assistant) Here are 35 fun commands to try with Google Assistant



  • “OK Google, do you ever get tired?”
  • “OK Google, do you have hair’s?”
  • “OK Google, what is your quest?”
  • “OK Google, Who’s your mother?”
  • “Ok Google, What is your ancestry?”
  • “Ok Google, do you follow the three laws of robotics?”
  • “Ok Google, Do sleep?”
  • “OK Google, where do you live?”
  • “Ok Google, do you exercise?”
  • “Ok Google, can you drive?”
  • “Ok Google, I’m naked?”
  • “Ok Google, what makes you happy?”
  • “Ok Google, what are you afraid of?”
  • “Ok Google, are you afraid of dark?”
  • “OK Google, did you fart?”
  • “OK Google, what’s brown and sounds like a bell?”
  • “OK Google, what did my cat say?”
  • “OK Google, tell me about Alexa.”
  • “OK Google, are you friends with Alexa/Cortana/Siri?”
  • “Ok Google, Who is your Father?”
  • “Ok Google, talk dirty to me?”
  • “Ok Google, Are you a bot”?
  • “OK Google, what did my cat say?”
  • “OK Google, make me a sandwich.”
  • “OK Google, how old are you?”
  • “OK Google, make me laugh.”
  • “OK Google, what am I thinking right now?”


  • “OK Google, beatbox.”
  • “OK Google, can you rap?”
  • “OK Google, sing a song.”
  • “OK Google, sing ‘Happy Birthday.'”

       Interactive game’s

  • “OK Google, are you feeling lucky?”
  • “OK Google, crystal ball.”
  • “OK Google, Mad Libs.”

What’s definitely true is that Google Assistant has a lot more personality than Google Now !

 ” Ok Google , call me BATMAN “

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