BC Master Carbon Fiber Camera Tripod Offered on Amazon for as low as $119.99 (Free Shipping)

Professional cameramen and even amateur photography enthusiasts know the important role a tripod stand plays in capturing stunning shots on their DLSR or other smaller cameras. This gave rise to the tripod stand as well as the monopod, making the job of the photographer easy. One premium tripod stand is the BC Master Carbon fiber camera tripod which is up for grabs on Amazon in the US and some countries in Europe.

BC Master tripod

The BC Master Carbon fiber 2-in-1 tripod is made from light carbon material which also provides maximum strength and rigidity. If the stability of the three-legged device is a concern, the device also comes with a column hook which lets the user hang additional weight from the tripod’s center of gravity for increased stability. There is also a Twist knob locks tightly, thus increasing the balance.

One nice attribute of the BC Master Carbon fiber camera tripod is its portability. It is very easy to carry around, coming in less than the size of an umbrella when folded. In a folded pattern, the tripod can fit completely into a bag. The tripod can also function as a monopod standing on one leg if peradventure the photographer needs to capture shots with some level of movement. This dual functionality can be activated by just unscrewing the legs.

It is also easy to mount the camera onto the tripod as well as remove from the tripod. Just the push of a button and that is achieved.The easy-to-use gadget is a must have for photography enthusiast because someday, maybe every day, it might come in handy. The package contains the Ball Head Tripod, Ball Head Pouch, a Carrying bag, and it all comes with 24 Months Limited Warranty. This is yet another cool device from China which is gaining a reputation for quality products.You may as well check out this article which gives an analysis of the list of Best smartphone with high battery life, all sleek Chinese brands.

The BC Master Carbon fiber camera tripod is currently up for sale for $149.99 on Amazon in the US and in some countries in Europe, specifically Amazon Denmark, Amazon Spain, Amazon France and Amazon Italy. There is currently a range of discount offers across the different Amazon platforms varying from 15% off to 20% off, with as much as 24 Euro going off the final price. Another thing, shipping is entirely free in the listed countries! Here are the links;

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