Xiaomi Redmi 4X Leaked – Xiaomi’s Cheapest Phone Releasing Today!

e have witnessed the X version of Redmi Note 4 but who would have ever thought that the ‘X’ version of Redmi 4 is waiting eagerly for its release, this afternoon. Yes, you heard it right! Apart from the spotlight release of Xiaomi Pinecone SoC as well as a Mi 5s, Xiaomi Redmi 4X came out of nowhere.

The screenshot of posters from Xiaomi mall spread over Weibo exposing Xiaomi Redmi 4X release date, and it’s official price. Plus, the screenshot is shown below, Redmi 4X will release for a budget-friendly price of 699 yuan ($102).

Xiaomi Redmi 4X Leaked - Price

Xiaomi Redmi 4X – The Best Low-Ender Arrives

The selling point of the phone apart from the stupendous price is the generous 4100 mAh battery. Moreover, the phone integrates a standard 5-inch HD screen and an octa-core Snapdragon SoC as the heart. The entire network is supported on the terminal including 4G LTE as well as Dual SIM (Dual Standby). Xiaomi Redmi 4X features a three-stage design, and the rear is forged from metal. In dimensions, the phone occupies 139.24 × 69.94 × 8.65mm.

Xiaomi Remdi 4X leaked - image

Meanwhile, the phone will be available in two versions:

  • Standard Version (2GB + 32GB)
  • Higher Version (3GB + 64GB)

Furthermore, with a price of 699 yuan, Redmi 4X is expected to be the cheapest smartphone along with its older brother Redmi 4. It will be officially opened for sale on March 3. We hope you are lucky enough to grab one!

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