OnePlus 3T – Top 10 Unique Features You May Not Know!

Oneplus 3t is an uncommon phone from an unconventional company, which has literally changed the way we used to look at the so called flagship device in 2016, with it’s top notch hardware and performance just like pixel, but still you can get it at half the price of pixel.So in today i am going to show your 10 unique features of oneplus 3t Which you probably may not know.

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1- Customise navigation buttons

OxygenOS lets you enable on-screen navigation buttons and lets you customize them. This is a good thing for those who prefer on screen navigation buttons and by the way i am also one of them.

From “Settings”, open “Buttons”. From here you can enable on screen buttons, and you can also switch their order and more. I like that even after you’ve enabled on screen buttons, you can still enable the physical home button.

This is really helpful because you can customize long press and double tap options for the home button. Double tapping the home button to lock your device is very handy and i use it for most of the time.

2- Lock apps with finger print

In most of the smartphones By default, you can only use the finger print scanner to unlock the device. But it’s not same for oxygen os.

Deep in the setting menu there is an inbuilt app locker which will let you lock your apps, which can be unlocked using your finger print scanner and it’s pretty fast.

3- Customize the launcher

Usually, the first thing which i always do is change the stock launch of my new devices to a third party launcher like nova. But OnePlus 3T is an exception. I actually like the almost stock launcher. And the customization options are pretty good.

Tap and hold on an empty part of the screen on the launcher and tap on “Customize”. From here you can choose between the search bar, gestures, icon size and icon packs.

4- Customize Alert Slider

Another thing that makes OnePlus feel like an iPhone is the alert slider. It’s just so damn convenient to flip a switch and go to Silent or Do Not Disturb mode.

And as this is Android, you can customize the crap out of each mode. Just Go to “Settings” -> “Alert Slider”. Now choose a mode like “Silent” or “Do not disturb” to customize them. You have a lot of freedom here. You can choose to enable calls, messages, repeat callers, favorite contacts and a lot more.

5- Inbuilt Gestures

In the setting menu there is an option of gestures from there and you’ll be able to enable a bunch or really useful gestures. The one I really like is swiping three fingers on the screen to take a screenshot. But you can do all sorts of thing like opening the camera by drawing “O” when the screen is off or flipping the phone to mute it when someone’s calling and you can also control your music.

6- Enable Dark Mode

OnePlus 3T has an AMOLED screen, which means that when the screen shows a pure black pixel, that particular LED behind it turns off. That means blacks are literally nothing.

The customization option under settings also offers one new feature called dark mode which is basically a theme. Yeah, it’s the feature of the AMOLED display which looks super cool and it is also power efficient. The user will be also offered to change accent colors.

7-Left capacitive long press – Shelf feature

This is one of the new feature found in the Oneplus 3 and 3t which comes with Android Marshmallow Oxygen OS upgrade. The ‘Shelf’ feature, which can be directly accessed by long pressing the back capacitive key. This gives you fast access to your favourite contacts and apps, plus essential info and widgets.

8- Switch Display Settings to sRGB

If you’re like me, you knew something was off with the AMOLED display the second you laid eyes on it. While not everyone, the default configuration of OnePlus 3t’s display is off-putting, with overly saturated colors. Thankfully, there’s a way to tone everything down.

Open the “Settings” app and scroll down to display option there you will find an option for screen callibration from here you can callibrate your screen according to your preference and change the saturation level’s according to your liking.

9- Manual Camera mode

OnePlus 3T’s rear camera is quite good. But You can make it even better by using the manual mode. Assuming you know what you’re doing.

From the Camera app swipe in from the left and select “Manual”. Then use the options in the bottom to control things like ISO, shutter speed and focus. You can control every aspect of your camera from manual mode.

10- Customize LED Notification

OnePlus comes with an LED light on the top bar. That’s a normal thing but OnePlus is one of the few OEMs that lets you customize them – a relic from the CyanogenOS era.

From “Settings”, select “Display” -> “LED notifications”. From here you’ll be able to pick colors for the default notification, when the battery is full, when it’s charging and when it’s low.

You can also enable/disable LED notifications on a per app basis.

So guys this was our list of top 10 unique features of oneplus 3t hope you guys will like it and if you think we missed any feature then do let us know that in the comment section, and for more videos like this do subscriber to our channel and i will see you guys in my next one.

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