BLUBOO R1- Rugged Phone with Wireless Charging Support Spotted, Coming Soon

The Chinese smartphone OEMs have been in the news since the beginning of the year because of their innovative devices in the works. If we are not reading about Huawei and its sleek P10 flagship, we’d be talking about Xiaomi and its flagship Mi 6 or the breakthrough camera technology OPPO is unveiling at MWC 2017. BLUBOO isn’t one to be left out of such discussions as the company is said to be working on a new smartphone featuring cutting-edge technology in wireless charging.

bluboo r1

BLUBOO had earlier been reported as working on a new rugged smartphone dubbed BLUBOO R1 which would soon hit the market with a bang. Smartphones and rugged build are like water and oil which doesn’t mix because of the fragile display but BLUBOO is bringing to us a rugged smartphone with all the components of a sleek device. That is not all, it has now been revealed that the BLUBOO R1 would also feature wireless charging in addition to its rugged build.

The BLUBOO R1 would pack a large battery which would ensure it lasts long not just under standby mode but even on extreme usage for gaming and stuff.  In addition to that, the R1 would support a new wireless charging method and that doesn’t mean the wired charging is giving way. The device would still retain a standard USB for traditional wired charging. The wireless charging would come in handy while in the outdoors and would allow users enjoy the great outdoors while still charging their phones.

Apart from these, BLUBOO also promises a top-notch processor would be crammed inside the R1 and it would feature NFC! How about that? Other specifics about the features of te ruggedly built BLUBOO smartphone is not known yet. We won’t be waiting for too long, though, to see the R1 as it is expected to be launched within the next few months. You can keep a tab on this by visiting BLUBOO’s official website where you’d also find other amazing BLUBOO smartphones.

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