Get Pixel Navigation Buttons On Any Android (No Root)

In year 2016 Google released there brand new flagship device called pixel, which introduces lots of new features like google assistant,pixel launcher and new navigation buttons which were exclusively available for pixels device.

I have already made videos on how to get google assistant and pixel launcher on your Android devices but today i am going to show you how you can get pixel navigation buttons on your Android devices and you know what’s the best thing, you don’t need to be rooted to get this on your device.

So hey guys this is sameer and without any further ado let’s start.

Watch the full tutorial video:

Recently A team at Dunrite app has developed an app called pixbar which will make your navigation bar looks almost exactly like pixel nav bar.

This app will work on any Android device which have on screen navigation buttons but if you have hardware keys then this will surely not work.

Currently pixbar is an unreleased app which means it is under beta testing but you can try it by downloading it from play store beta section. The apps is paid and you have to pay 1$ to download it but in my opinion it’s worth downloading.

So after installing this app the setup is quite simple, when you open the app  the only thing which you have to do is to enable show button fill this will basically creat an overlay of new navigation button over your previous navigation buttons. From here you can also change the size of the keys and space between them like this.

The best thing which i like about this is that you can also change the colour of nav keys according to your preference which is definitely a welcome edition, and this feature is not even present on pixel devices yet. so you will be getting it exclusively.

So from now on your navigation keys will look exactly like pixels but the only thing which is missing is the home button animation which i think the developer will add soon as the app is still in beta.

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