Manually Install Android Nougat On Any Android (Universal Guide)

A lot of people can agree that the Android operating system is pretty awesome. Not only it is great to use, but it’s also free as an open source, so that it can be modified by anyone and That is why custom ROMs exists.

Now after google releases its newer version of android which is named as android nougat i was really excited to try that out on my device. But after a long waiting there is no official word from the manufacturer that when they are going to provide the update which was really disappointing for me.

Now i am a very impatient kind of person and can’t wait that long, so i decided to install Android nougat on my device manually and thats what i am going to show you guys in this video. By following This method you can install Android nougat on almost any android device woohoo thats sound really great but folks its true.

So if you guys are impatient as me then do watch the video till and end and follow the instructions correctly.


Watch the full tutorial video:


In order to install Android nougat on your Android device you will need 2 files. The first one is rom zip file and the second one is gapps. The rom zip file will install the custom rom and the Gapps will provide the basic google apps which are not preinstalled on most of the custom roms.
Now the first thing which you have to do is to find the available nougat roms for your specific device which is really simple and I guess you most of you guys know where to look for, but in case if you are not able to find right custom rom for your specific device or you are little bit confused then let me show how.

Just go to google and type the name of your device suppose you have a moto g3 or may be any other device. To find the right rom just type moto g3 and add xda as a suffix this will basically take you to the official rom development page of xda forums which has the largest collection of information regarding any Android device.

After that the next file which you will need is the gapps which will basically install google apps on your device because as i told you earlier google apps are not included in the rom zip file in most custom roms.

After successfully unlocking the bootloader and installing the twrp recovery your 90? work is done. Now boot your device into twrp recovery and for that first you have to switch off your device.

The first think which i always recommend to do is to make a backup of your current rom because in case you don’t like the custom rom or you want to go back to your stock rom then just go to restore section and from there you can restore the previous rom its as simple as that.

So after making the backup click install and navigate the rom zip file which we download earlier after that click on add more zip and select gapps package make sure to select the rom zip file first then the Gapps other wise your rom will not install and you may bick your device.

After selecting both the files in right order swipe this blue button to right to flash the rom. It will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes depending on your device.

Once the installation is finished reboot your device again the first boot will take more time then the normal boot so just grab a cup of coffee and relax.

Now after the boot is finished you have successfully upgraded your device to nougat just complete the setup process and enjoy the new flavor of Android with some new features like multi window, new notification bar and many more.

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  1. And what if there is no custom Rom for your device? This universal guide isn’t exactly universal…

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