LG G6 Specs and Next iPhone Price Revealed

Next iPhone Price to be 1000+$!

Next iPhone


Apparently Apple have taken quite seriously the critics about ther uninspired line of iPhone models.
Customers and Fans a-like have been switching to Android left and right, not because iPhone 6 or 7 was a bad phone, but frankly, because they are bored with the design and iOS!

Next iPhone

To address these issues Apple is hard at work on a total re-design of the iPhone, how it functions and the software behind it – iOS. With the design direction hinting at a more MacBook Pro experience

MacBook Pro

The iPhone 8 or iPhone X as some like to call it will also feature:

A 5.8-inch OLED screen.

Sides made of “forged stainless steel” and a back made of glass. 

The home button and fingerprint sensor built into the screen, which will stretch from edge to edge. 

Possibly, both Power and Volume buttons to be Removed!

A Dual-Camera setup, like on the iPhone 7 Plus.

New 3D-sensing technology supplied by Lumentum.

New “best-in-class” in-house modem

Faster and more efficient A11 Chip

What do you think, are you willing to fork up 1200$ for the next iPhone?
Will all these feature make it worth it for you?

Back to the Android Smartphone World!

LG G6 Specs

LG G6 Specs and Price


is one of the most talked about subgect around the MWC 2017, with the Korean Eletronics Giant gearing up to release their next flagship.
Thanks to a leaked document ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we now have a more complete specifications of LG G6.

LG G6 Specifications

There you have it! LG G6 will be a 5.7-inch device with Water and Dust Resistance
and for all of you Audiophiles a QUAD DAC!

The chip as rumoured will be Snapdragon 821(you can thank Samsung for hogging up all the Snapdragon 835 chips)
Fingerprint sensor will remain as signature on the back of the G6.

What’s very interesting is the display resolution,
or as LG call it FULL VISION

What we know for certain is the aspect ratio will be 18:9(2:1) or 1440×2880 Pixels!
The display is said to be truly Bezel-less and a feat of modern engineering!

LG G6 is clearly going beyond QHD here.
Design wise, the G6 is finally merging with the more successful V20 and will hopefuly be a more durable headset than recent LG G4 and LG G5 flagships.

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