Allview will Launch Bezel-less Smartphone in August. Mi Mix Rival?

Allview is a company that not all of you might be familiar with. This is a Romania based smartphone and other gadget manufacturing company that started back in 2008. For your information, most of the smartphones from Chinese company Gionee are the rebranded versions of this Romanian company. As an example, look at the Allview X2 Xtreme and Gionee E8. Last year, Xiaomi stunned everyone when the company launched Mi Mix, a futuristic device with almost no bezels on three sides. With that launch, we saw other companies launching the phones with the exact same concept. Allview has today released a photo that shows various launch that company is going to do this year and among wearables and TV box, we also have a bezel-less smartphone. So, is this going to be the rival of Xiaomi Mi Mix?

Claneder for Allview launch

First of all, we have no information about what are the specs of this phone or what is it going to be named, but still, the image is from the official website, so we are 100% sure that the company will launch a bezel-less device in August this year. As in the picture above, we can see that the smartphone that is shown has an entirely bezel-less design on sides as well as on the top. We are hoping so see even more screen-to-body ratio than Mi Mix because we all know that Mi Mix isn’t completely bezel-less on the sides.

As mentioned above, some of the Gionee phones are rebranded phones from Allview, so we hope to see the phone being launched in China first and then to the global markets. The company is also going to launch a wearable device in August and a TV set-top device in September. We will keep you updated if we get more information about this phone. Stay tuned!


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