10 Hidden Secret Android Settings You Must Give a Try: What’s Inside the Developer Options?

Your Android device can do a hell lot of interesting stuff, and you still are just using it to browse the internet, make and receive calls! There might be no doubt that when you go into the settings of your Android device, you explore every feature but do you think that’s it? Well, the chances are that you have heard about this thing called ‘Developer Options.’ As the name indicates, these are some settings for developers so if you want to have a feel of a developer, you should explore the Developer Options. In this article, we will be sharing the video related to Hidden Secret Android settings that will let you know about the Hidden Android features.


  • If you haven’t already enabled it, you won’t directly find it in the settings of our device.
  • Go to Settings > About Phone and then go all the way down to the Build Number and tap it several times. It will then show you that you are a developer now. ( That feel, though!)
  • Now, go back and there you have the all new ‘Developer Options.’ Tap it and then enable. It might show a popup regarding the options but you just tap on Ok, and that’s it.
  • Below is the video that shows 10 Secret Android Settings and believe me, they are really interesting.

Here are the things you can do with developer options:

  • Change Animation Speed ( Time to make your phone fast)
  • Force RTL layout direction ( Perfect for Lefties)
  • Change Screen Size ( Have a Tablet like Experience)
  • Show Taps
  • Stop Running Processes ( No Need for any Task Killer now)
  • Fake Your Locations ( Perfect for Pokemon GO Lovers)
  • Use GPU for 2D Rendering instead of CPU
  • Stay Awake during Charging
  • OEM Unlocking
  • Make your phone’s display B&W ( Perfect for AMOLED Screens.)

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