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Here is a Trick To Buy Redmi Note 4 in the Flipkart Flash Sale

Xiaomi has yet again made a stunning return to the budget market with Redmi Note 4 and frankly speaking, there is no competition to this device at the moment. The phone was on sale for a couple of occasions, but it gets out of stock in just seconds. Here, in this tutorial, we will be sharing a trick to buy Redmi Note 4 from the Flipkart Flash sale. Please Note that you should also try to click the ‘Buy Now’ button manually as soon as it appears as we cannot guarantee that the trick will work 100%.


Well, when you are getting such mind-blowing features for a price under Rs.13K, it is pretty obvious that there will be a great rush to buy this device. The trick requires an Extension on the PC and an app on the android phone. What this does is that it will add a script to that page and the page will keep on reloading until it finds that Buy Now button. Then, as soon as it appears, it will be clicked automatically, and the phone will be added to the cart. You need to start using the extensions or the app 5-10 minutes before the sale to increase your chances of getting the phone. The video above shows how to to this properly so make sure that you let us know if you were able to buy it or not in the flash sale.

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