Install Lineage OS On Any Android Device (Step By Step Tutorial)

Install Lineage OS On Any Android Device

CynogenMod is no more. Say hello to its successor which is called Lineage OS or line age os whatever you would like to call it. Lineage OS picks up where CM left off with version 14.1, which is based on Android 7.1 Nougat. The features are mostly the same,except now apps do not have root access.Other changes include the name, logo,and unfortunately supported devices list which is quite limited but not that much short too.It supports most of the current devices from major OEMs like samsung,Google, OnePlus,htc, Xiaomi and many more.

So if you want to try out this new lineage OS on your supported devices then do watch this video till the end because in this video i am going to show you a full step by step tutorial to install lineage os on almost any Android device and its a universal method so no matter which device you have unleass you have an iphone you can just follow these simple steps to install lineage os on your Android devices.

So hey guys this is sameer and without any further ado let’s start

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The prerequisites are

1- You should have a unlocked bootloader and I guess most of you guys know that,if you are not new to custom rom installation, but if you don’t know how to unlock the bootloader then there is a place on internet called google which will definitely help you out.

2- You should have preinstalled custom recovery like twrp recovery which i personally prefer due to its simple UI and its very easy to use. If you dont have twrp recovery then i had made a video on how to get it on your Android i will leave a for that.

After you have both these things done it means you are ready to rock…. Hmmm i mean ready to install the rom. So for the installation part you will need 2 files, one of them is rom zip file and other one is Gapps package.

Download Links:

Lineage OS =

Gapps =


Now once both the files are download put them in the internal memory of your device. After that switch off your device and boot it into the twrp recovery and for that there is a specific key combination of power and volume keys which varies according to the device.

So after successfully booting up into twrp recovery The first think which i always recommend is to make a backup of your current rom because in case you don’t like the custom rom or you want to go back to your stock rom then just go to restore section and from there you can restore the previous rom its as simple as that.

So after making the backup go back and  click on wipe to wipe the system partition and make your device ready for rom installation.

Once it is done go back and click on install and navigate the rom zip file which we download earlier after that click on add more zip and select gapps package make sure to select the rom zip file first and then the Gapps other wise your rom will not install and you may bick your device.

After selecting both the files in right order swipe this blue button to right to flash the rom. It will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes depending on your device.

Once the installation is finished reboot your device again the first boot will take more time then the normal boot so just grab a cup of coffee and relax.

Now after the boot is finished you have successfully upgraded your device to nougat just complete the setup process and enjoy the new lineage OS which will definitely remind you of CYNOGENMOD with the same UI and design. Also, you can now install Lineage OS For Yureka .

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