LeEco Are back – X10 Flagship Killer!

LeEco X10

Hello LeEco Fans,

Many of you, including myself, were stunned by news that LeEco might be facing bankruptcy, few months after the launch of the superb LeEco Le Pro3

LeEco Le Pro3

that brought Snapdragon 821 and 6GB RAM for less than 300$,
which is still an unbelievable offer.
As good as it sounded, sales weren’t going so well for the Chinese Company.Thankfully LeEco managed to get a lifeline with a 2 billion $ injection
from investors to keep the company up and running,
and LeEco fans all over the world rejoiced.It was only a question of time for LeEco to get back on smartphone horse
they fell from, and after about 5 months of silence, the giant has awakened!

Enter the new Flagship Killer to end all Flagships – LeEco X10!

LeEco X10

Spotting a similar design that people know and love,
but now adding something to address the photography enthusiasts among their fans,

as the LeEco X10 is packing Dual-Cams on the Back and on the Front!

This is not the first phone LeEco have produced with dual-cams,
so they now have the experience to
really provide competition for the best smartphone cameras in the world
– Google’s Pixel, Samsung’s S7 and Huawei P9!

The surprise comes in form of the two 16MP Front Cams and two 13MP Back Cams,
with the main focus pointing to the front camera experience!
Now, my sources tell me that the back cameras will have
larger pixels for better night shots, hence the lower resolution,
compared to the couple on the Front.

Both camera sensors will be likely provided by Sony or Samsung, or both!
The rear cameras will be able to shoot native 4K video,
but it’s unclear at this point if both cams will be used, or just a single sensor for that.

The specs will be similar to LeEco Le Pro3 but with a few good surprises,

LeEco X10 specs

with the latest Snapdragon 821 chip revision, 6GB RAM and 64-128GB
Storage options, the difference from Le Pro3 comes with the display resolution
updated to QHD resolution(2560×1440) so that the phone can be used for VR
(as SD821 is Google Daydream Ready)

Google Daydream


Google Daydream VR

The X10 will also feature NFC and will have the signature LeEco CDLA audio through the USB-C port.

The price of LeEco X10 will be around ~399$ or 27000 Rs to compete with OnePlus 3T!


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