Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light Strip Review: The Best DIY Ambient Light (Coupon Inside)

We have seen many LED Light Strips, but none of them were like Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light Strip. You heard it right! The smartphone manufacturer from the ancient Eastern lands just expanded itself and stepped in the world of lighting, lately, under the flagship ‘Yeelight’ with the release of Xiaomi Yeelight Lamp, Xiaomi Yeelight Bulb and now Xiaomi Yeelight Light Strip.


If any of our readers have been looking for something to set the mood at your home, whether it be for a party, romantic evening or a pleasant atmosphere, the new Yeelight Smart Light Strip will come in handy.

Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light Strip – The Properties

Xiaomi is no longer under the spotlight. Why? Well, the company is itself a spotlight now. Just a joke! Xiaomi Light Strip is like any other light strip when it comes to working and properties. Well, all strip lights comprise of LED lights which lighten up. But the change comes with the intensity of the light. It’s neither too high that it might hurt your eyes nor too dim that you can’t see anything. The brightness is 140 lumens, pleases your eyes and lightens up your mood.


Apart from this, Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light Strip is also Eco-friendly, poisonousness free, bright, and anti-corrosive. The credit goes to mercury-free soft PU as the core material for Xiaomi Light Strip. The Length of the strip light is 2 meters while the cable is 3 meters. Xiaomi light strip is energy efficient 14 Watts  (up to 80%) and has a long life (about 12,000 hours), thanks to the LED lights and the RGB circuit.


Due to soft PU, it’s flexible which means that it’s easily cuttable and bendable (maintains the change and doesn’t restore to its original position).

The Yeelight Smart Light Strip is also adhesive; we just have to tear down the tape on the back of the light strip, stick it to anywhere and plug the charger. That’s why it’s the perfect play and plug strip light. The strip light works on the three simple words:

Bend, Shape and Stick

Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light Strip – The Functions


Did you notice the ‘Smart’ word in Xiaomi Yeelight ‘Smart’ Light Strip? Smart, but in what aspect? Well, Xiaomi Yeelight products differ from others because of the wireless lighting system which directly connects to the smartphone and Mi Home appliances. Such is Yeelight Smart Light Strip, connecting your phone.


It may be the best DIY Ambient Lighting out there, as it yields 16 Million color feast. All these colors can be customized directly via phone or the one key operation (touch to on/off, long press to change colors). When synchronized with Music, the light starts to flash with the music. Moreover, we also have a built-in timer for the Light Strip.

Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light Strip – App Preview

Xiaomi also made a dedicated app for these Light Strip, named as ‘Yeelight’. It is available for both Android (Yeelight Blue) and iOS (Blue – Yeelight). Thankfully, it’s in English (some spelling mistakes but that’s fine) and UI appears easy to use. Even the firmware can be upgraded. Here are the steps to guide you how to operate Xiaomi Yeelight Light Strips via app:

Step 1: Install and run the app.


Step 2: Turn on your Bluetooth, and click add yeelight blue (misspelled as Bule).


Step 3: App starts searching for ‘Light Strips’. When this name appears on the screen, click it and rename it if you want and click ‘OK’.


Step 4: Xiaomi Yeelight Light Strips are now connected. A color switch will appear on the screen. You can touch it to change color and hold it to set the timer.

Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light Strip App

Step 5: Swipe to right, to see Disco mode bar. Turn it on. Sync with music and the lights will start flashing. You can also change to other means like flowing mode.


That’s all, folks. In these five steps, you learned to operate any Yeelight product. Surprising the app can control up to 10 light strips.

Here are some samples:

Specification Sheet

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Price & Availability

You can buy Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light Strip from Gearbest for a price of $44.18. But you can use the Coupon (Code: XMstrip) to get it for $28.99. The following accessories will be given with the product:


Here’s a link to the store:


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