Q3 Bluetooth Hoverboard packs great battery power and has Bluetooth

Hoverboards are one of the more recent applications of technology today. It is a very interesting device that serves many purposes ranging from short distance transport to laying on a bit of style about the owner.

For those of us who like what the hover board brings to the table and would love to own one, I have something for you that is guaranteed to bring a tiny little smile to your face. I have hunted down a deal for an excellent hover board product, the Q3 Bluetooth Hoverboard, and we will look into it in a tad more details over the course of this article. What you can get with this particular hover board includes:

Q3 Bluetooth Hoverboard Description & Features

  1. Great battery power

At some point, your hover board may be selected to take you on relatively long distances, and in such case, with the Q3 Bluetooth hover board, you are well covered. It has a 3000mah battery that is guaranteed to take you to distances up to 20 kilometres in a single charge, making it a suitable alternative to merely walking.

Q3 Bluetooth Hoverboard Usage

This also is an obvious advantage if you are not always close to a power source for easy recharge. It allows you an extended period of total usage before requiring a power-up.

  1. Bluetooth connectivity

Most vehicular devices are equipped with some form of ability to play music, and the Q3 Bluetooth Hoverboard is no abstraction. It comes with a Bluetooth connectivity that lets you connect with your mobile phone and play music through it and on the hover board. This is certainly interesting if entertainment on the move is your thing.

  1. Better climbing

Q3 Bluetooth Hoverboard Design

Well, it would certainly hurt if your hover board is ground to a screeching halt and cowers before a tiny slope. And so the Q3 Bluetooth Hoverboard is equipped to climb slopes that measure up to 15 degrees with relative ease. This is with the extra load of you on it of course, and so it represents quite the achievement for such a small device.

  1. Easy to operate

You will find a really easy to use hover board in the Q3 Bluetooth hover board. With its simple operation interface, simple 10kg product weight, nice traction and smooth cruise movement, altogether meant to provide a great experience.

Q3 Bluetooth Hoverboard Deals and Coupon

As stated earlier, I tracked down a deal for the Hover Board on Gearbest that will let you purchase one of these beauties for a mere $162.17 using the coupon code SCGBCR, and needless to say, it is worth exploring as an opportunity to get this awesome device at a 54% discount.

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