Xiaomi Mi 6 AnTuTu Benchmark Score Leaks – SD835 Fire Power!

We have got a leak which should give us some confidence that Xiaomi has got the Mi 6 in the works and that the device would be released sometime soon. An AnTuTu benchmark score of what is alleged to be the Xiaomi Mi 6 was recently leaked on Weibo and to say the least, the score is amazing.

xiaomi mi 6

The Mi 6 benchmark score trumps all the known flagships in the market, including the iPhone 7 Plus which is powered by an Apple A10 chip and ran through benchmark with a score of 18,300 points. Even, the Snapdragon 821 didn’t come close as the OnePlus 3T only managed a score of 16.3K when it was benchmarked. But the Mi 6 is listed to have score 210,329 points on testing. This is sure an indication that the Xiaomi flagship would indeed be powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor. Of course, only the Snapdragon 835 would be capable of achieving such feat presently.

xiaomi mi 6

We’d have to wait a bit more to confirm if this benchmark score is indeed truly an AnTuTu score or not. The Mi 6 is rumored to launch in February and that isn’t far off. We hope it finally drops, so we’d see what the beast looks like inside the Mi 6.


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