Here’s Why You Should Go For a 64GB+ Smartphone in 2017

There was a time when even 4GB was considered to be a large memory. But, we know things change with time. It’s 2017, and even 32GB is a very less memory these days. Now, the central question arises – Why should You buy a 64GB+ smartphone in 2017? First of all, with new smartphones coming every day, companies try to provide more features like better cameras. With better camera comes bigger image and video size. So, if you will shoot a 4K video with your smartphone, just 30-minute long video will have the size in GBs. Now, things become worse when there is no SD card support.


Smartphone with just 32GB storage

Now, let us come to another situation – Apps and Games. With more and more technology, we see more improved and high-end games. But, we all know most of the popular games are not less than 100MB, and they require double the storage than their size for all the data. Apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. need a minimum of 200-300MB space. All these things when considered give us the result that 16 or 32 GB storage is now a very less space. It is the time that all the smartphones that offer useful features to the users should come with a minimum of 64GB of internal memory and also with SD card slot to expand the memory.

With every new year, we see more advancement in Cameras of smartphones so, it is pretty obvious for the image and video size to increase.Also, as mentioned above, Games and Apps take a right amount of storage. So, you should surely opt for a 64GB+ internal storage smartphone.Some great options are Xiaomi Redmi Pro,OnePlus 3/3T, etc. For More, Click Here. Cheers 🙂



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