This is LUMAELITE, An Eye-caring LED Desk & Table Lamp

Technology has progressed a lot, and we have seen some great stuff in the tech world so far. Today, we are talking about a Table Lamp.And Yes! Don’t think to take it as a simple Desk Lamp because this one is far better than that thing. This is LUMAELITE. One common thing that all of us experience while working on our laptop or PC at night is the pain in eyes and fact this is not good for our eyes. So, many users prefer using light or table lamp at night to keep working on their laptops or computers. LUMAELITE is a perfect desk or table lamp because it cares for your eyes.

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This is LumaElite desk lamp

Before getting into the features, let us first look at the design of this gadget. It is made up of an AirCraft Aluminium alloy with full metal body and also 3-axis of rotation. There is a torch at one end that consists of LED lights that are ENERGY STAR certified.Interestingly, the torch is detachable, and you can use it for some other purposes. When you disconnect the torch from the main body, it will show you how much battery you have left by Green and Red lights. As usual, the Green light means battery is less than 30%, and if the light is Red, it means the battery is dead, and you need to charge. One charge can make this lamp to stay On for a quite good time. Here is the description of how longer it will last on different modes-

Highest level of Brightness ? 1.5 hrs
Medium level of Brightness ? 2.5hrs
Lowest level of Brightness ? 3.5 hrs

Different Modes in LUMAELITE

Did I say Modes? Well, this Lamp comes with various modes of lighting that include Reading, Study, Relaxing, and Sleep. For these, there are four default brightness modes i.e., 75%, 100%, 75%, and 25% respectively. Now, let’s come to the most interesting feature of LUMAELITE lamp. It comes with three ports i.e., Type-C and 2 USB 2.0 Ports. Now, what this means is that you can charge your gadgets like Tablets or Smartphones using these ports. Isn’t that useful? The output has Fast Chargers with intelligent recognition, overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection.


Well, LUMAELITE is a perfect choice for a great looking useful desk lamp. For more information about this product, you can check out the official introduction video below –

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