LEAGOO Year-end Phone Sales in GEARBEST

In last two months, we has been immersed so many holidays such as Double Eleven Shopping Carnival, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas day. During these holidays, LEAGOO tries its best to promote the products and provides the best price for the customers. Now it is the tail of 2016, and we will embrace the coming 2017 soon, which means that LEAGOO will catches the last chance to give the customers a  big discount.

From December 27th to January 3,2017, there is a big discount for you to buy LEAGOO Smartphones in Gearbest. There will be the most popular models in 2016—LEAGOO M5, and LEAGOO Venture 1 is exclusively designed for high-end business elites.Besides, LEAGOO T1 Plus with huge display 4G network and most cost-effective LEAGOO Z5 will also be available.You can also easily find the normal mobile accessories such as protective case and glass films in Gearbest.

Gearbest has a very good store design is that it shoot the video for some important products. So buyers can see the real machine appearance by simple explanation of the demonstration. It can take a review of something important, which provides a real chance for customer to know the phone’s design and the instructions of how to use it. What’s more, from there we can check the evaluations from other buyers.From the pictures,we can see that LEAGOO Smartphones has been highly recognition by most buyers.

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