No.1 Smartband F1 Review: A bracelet born for sports

When it comes to fitness and health, we have recently been dependent on small devices to let us quickly get information about our performance as it occurs, and for good reason; the type of information typically observed, such as the number of strides or footsteps in a single running session, heart rate and the rest. While these numbers are almost impossible to monitor manually, it is quite easy on the other hand to get this performance information, and that leads to the successful advent of a category of devices called Smartbands.

These are small, wearable digital bracelets that allow you to keep an eye on your fitness performances at any single time; there are the required information and tips about the current state of your health and fitness.

Many smartbands today only provide heart rate and stride tracking information. And thus, today I would like to review a product that has a richer and more flexible functionality; this is the No.1 Smartband F1.

About the No.1 Smartband

The No.1 F1 Smartwatch is a wearable device that provides remote control of your mobile smartphone (Android and IOS), serves as an extension of your phone with call and SMS notifications, and fitness tracking features.

NO.1 Smartband F1 Review – A wearable built for sports

No.1 Smartband F1 Review - Package

Design & BuildNo.1 Smartband F1 Review - Design

The No.1 Smartband F1 has a widescreen design and is equipped with fitness and health tracking features. It has the looks of a sports watch and also an impressive IP68 dust and water resistance features that can allow you to wash your hands, shower, go swimming or hiking without any fear of water damage, it also has a highly durable food grade silicon interchangeable strap.

No.1 Smartband F1 Review - Display

The No.1 Smartband F1 also comes with a wide OLED display of around 0.9 inches (to maximise information containment) with touch screen functionalities, and buttons on the sides of the screen for easier navigation, and then a body frame to contain the battery and other components of the gadget.

No.1 Smartband F1 Review - Battery

The No.1 Smartband F1 has a 230mah built in battery and also supports a more dynamic heart rate monitor; this means you can measure heart rate while on heavy exercise sessions like jogging, climbing, hiking and the rest.

Functionality and Internal Features

The No.1 Smartband F1 is quite an impressive device functionally. The smartwatch has a built in sleep cycle monitor and is able to send sleep summary report to your smartphone. It also records your daily exercise activities and stores the information on your smartphone with the included feature to share it with friends on the various social media platforms available.

No.1 Smartband F1 Review - Step Counter

You also get to see information about distance travelled (on your jogging or walking), the number of footsteps you took with each session and amount of calories burnt as a result of each session of your exercise; thus it is actually a great companion for fitness and health tracking.

No.1 Smartband F1 Review - Charging

The 230mAh battery within the No.1 Smartband F1 has a charge period of 1 hour with a whopping standby time of a hundred days, pretty impressive for a small device. The smartband has an application that is compatible with the IOS and Android operating systems. And also contains SMS reminders, sedentary reminders, Sleep monitor, vibration notifications for calls and messages coming into your smartphone at all times.

Let us see the specifications of the No.1 F1 smartwatch.

No.1 Smartband Specifications:

  • Rectangular design.
  • 9-inch screen display.
  • OLED type display.
  • 5 mm * 50 mm * 10.5 mm dimension.
  • Multi-touch enabled screen.
  • Plastic and Silicon casing.
  • 30 grammes of weight.
  • A proprietary operating system.
  • 7 days worth of saved fitness and health data.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 enabled.
  • Built-in polymer battery with 230mah capacity and a standby time of 100 days.
  • Charging Technology: A strong magnetic charging interface
  • IP68 waterproof body protection (Waterproof in up to 50 meters of water).
  • Pedometer sensor and a dynamic heart rate sensor.
  • Food-grade silicone watch strap (Environmental silicon strap).
  • Android and IOS mobile device compatibility.
  • Available in gentleman black, deep sea blue, and charm purple.
  • Device internal features include; exercise based calorie consumption, exercise step, report for movement mileage, sleep monitor, sedentary reminders, SMS reminder, call reminder, app news notification, remote smartphone camera control, app software upgrade.


The No.1 Smartband F1 is a brilliant device that is created with the aim of improving smartband and smartphone communication and also providing a dynamic fitness and health tracking system for people who want to maintain fitness. It is available on many e-commerce platforms and is fairly reputable as one of the best smartband devices out there today.

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