Yi Home Camera 2 Launched with 1080p Video Capability at $25

In a media invite by Xiaomi, the Chinese smart gadgets conglomerate has launched a sequel of the existing Yi Home camera dubbed as the Yi Home Camera 2. Among other trivial features of the Yi Home Camera 2, the highlight of the device remains that it features 1080p video shooting / broadcasting capabilities using which crystal clear and crisp video can be broadcasted live.

Yi Home Camera 2

The Yi Home Camera 2 apart being the first 1080p full HD home camera from Xiaomi, there are many more features and functionalities in the camera which we will list below and explain about those features in brief.

Features of Yi Home Camera 2

1080p High Definition resolution

As mentioned earlier, the main highlight of the Yi Home Camera 2 remains its 1080p shooting capability. Thanks to the high-res support, video broadcast to its respective smartphone camera app will be much clearer and crisper. Of course, you can imagine the advantages of clearer video broadcasting. The manufacturer claims that the shooting function in Yi Home Camera 2 is 2X better and clearer as compared to its previous version.

130 Degree Wide Angle View


The 130-degree wide-angle in the new camera means that every corner of the home will be covered while broadcasting live videos using the Yi Home Camera app.

World-Class Master Processor

The Yi Home Camera 2 doesn’t just look good cosmetically and shoots great videos. The device is powered with a world-class master processor from Ambarella which would help in faster video processing to the respective app.

New recognition sensors

Another added functionality of the Yi Home 2 camera is that it comes with couple of recognition sensors which helps in human detection, baby crying detection, and gesture recognition. As it is understandable, the human detection recognises whenever there is any human movement in front of the camera and broadcasts the video using the app. Likewise with the baby crying detection and gesture recognition.


Pricing of the Yi Home Camera 2

The camera comes at a very competitive price tag of 169 yuan (25$) which, we believe is a dirt cheap pricing for a camera with so many functionalities and features.

Update about the pricing

We received a communication from William at Yi Technologies who has clarified that the Yi Home Camera 2 is priced 169 Yuan exclusively for the Chinese market. However, in other countries, the Yi Home 2 can be bought at $79.99. William has further clarified that the increased cost is because of the costs related to exports, taxes, etc. He further added that Yi Camera 2 is still the cheapest product in the category when compared with its competitors.

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