Vorke Z1 TV Box vs R-Box Pro vs Xiaomi Mi Box Comparison – Which is Best?

Vorke has got just three products under its kitty this year but the company has always ensured that its products are top of the pack. Its latest gadget is the Vorke Z1 TV Box which comes with a spectacular DDR4 memory allowing for higher bandwidth than the typical DDR3(L) memory.

vorke z1 tv box

The Vorke Z1 TV Box comes powered by an octa-core Amlogic S912 processor combining with 3GB of DDR4 memory and there is 32GB of storage on the device. The TV Box adopts the commonly used square shape design and comes with its own remote control and several other accessories. There are two USB ports on the TV box.


As you are aware, there are hundreds of TV boxes in the market but not a lot of them gives satisfaction in the long run. So we are going to compare the specs of the Vorke Z1 TV Box with two other popular TV Boxes, the R-Box Pro and the Xiaomi Mi Box.

vorke-tv-boxGoing head-to-head, the three TV boxes almost square up to each other, save for some minor differences. The Vorke Z1 and R-Box Pro feature the Amlogic S912 chipset while the Xiaomi Mi Box packs a Cortex-A53 CPU. However, all three are capable of streaming 4K videos. The trio runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow but the Vorke Z1 trumps them both on the storage space, boasting of a 32GB storage space whereas the R-Box has 16GB and the Mi Box comes with yet smaller 8GB storage. The R-Box Pro doesn’t come with a remote control, though, but the two others do.

vorke z1 tv box

Comparing the prices of all three device, the Vorke Z1 TV Box comes a little cheaper despite seemingly packing slightly higher specs. The Vorke Z1 is priced at $139.99 on Geekbuying but there is discount offer currently on where you can buy the Vorke Z1 TV Box for just $74.99! You can get the R-Box Pro for $79.99 also on Geekbuying as well as the Xiaomi Mi Box for $78.99 discount price.

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