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Bluboo Edge Helps You Keep Track of Your Heart Rate (See Video)

Bluboo’s latest Edge smartphone launched as a soothing replacement for heartbroken fans of the Galaxy Note 7, packing similar dual curved edge display. The Bluboo Edge even offers much more, packing a battery that has been tested not to explode under extreme conditions. The device has also been revealed to feature a heart rate monitor and Bluboo has just released a video that teases how the heart beat monitor works on the Edge.

bluboo edge

Heart rate monitoring isn’t a feature common on smartphones and only seem to be common on smart wearables . But Bluboo designed the Edge to provide answers not just only to your smartphone needs but also to your health needs and don’t forget this device with its sleek design defines your class as well.

bluboo edge

the Edge’s unique heart rate sensor is located just under the LED flash at the rear and all ypu just need to is to place your finger over the sensor and wait for a minute and viola! your heart beat rate is read. As simple as that! And you know what, in this era when heart related ailments are on the increase,egular monitoring of our heart beat rate could prove to be a life saver.


However, if that’s all the Bluboo Edge boasts of then we may have cause to think the hypes around the device may just be over-bloated. But that isn’t all, as the Edge comes with many amazing features, such as the dual curved display, latest generation MediaTek MT6737 Quad-Core CPU, 13 megapixels rear camera manufactured by Sony, a frontal fingerprint scanner, 16GB of storage with expansion option up to 256GB through microSD, which allows you to store a large number of apps, pictures, and all kind of files. It has a 5.5-inch OGS screen with HD resolution and dual-layer touch-sensitive panel with multi-touch and five-point support. It goes on and on, but you can check out out comprehensive Bluboo Edge review. Bluboo also has lots more information about the Bluboo Edge up at its website:


Apart from the Edge,  the latest BLUBOO Dual with dual rear cameras is currently on presale. During the presale period, you will have a chance to get it for just $114.99. There’s also a giveaway where you could be the lucky winner that goes home with six free pieces of the Dual. The presale will be up until December 18th and then the price will be reverted to the official retail price of $149.99. You can get more useful information about the Bluboo Dual presale from here:–flash-sale/


You really shouldn’t forget to check out the video yourself to have a better idea about the heart rate monitoring feature of the BLUBOO Edge.


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