Bluboo Edge Packs A Safe Battery That Just Won’t Explode (Test Video)

In the face of reported cases of exploding battery which bedeviled the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, smartphone makers are in aa race to produce very safe but yet efficient smartphone batteries. Chinese phone manufacturers who form the bulk of the market are not to be left behind as they too are making stern efforts to get safer and more efficient battery crammed inside their phones. Bluboo seems to have got it right on its latest Bluboo Edge smartphone.


The Bluboo Edge’s battery has been tested and is trusted to deliver efficient performance without fear of exploding even under extreme conditions. The Edge’s battery was recently subjected to series of extreme tests under varying conditions to see if it would explode under any condition. The awesome thing is they made a video during the test so you can see for yourselves.

bluboo edge

The Bluboo Edge sports a decent 2600mAh Li-Polymer battery which from the look of things, is cooked up to withstand the rigorous process of charging and discharging of the cell and still maintain its stability. The test saw the Bluboo Edge’s battery being subjected to tests such as flame projectile test, short-circuit test, and impact test. In all, even though the battery can be destroyed (burnt up by fire), it didn’t explode all thanks to its Li-polymer battery. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 uses a Li-ion battery which isn’t as stable as the Li-Polymer battery. You can check out the video from down below.


Apart from the battery which has been proven to be secure, another highlight of the Bluboo Edge is its attractive price of $129.99. The low price doesn’t mean that the Bluboo Edge is an ordinary device, it’s actually quite the opposite since it comes with many amazing features, such as the dual curved display, last generation MT6737 Quad-Core CPU, 13 megapixels rear camera manufactured by Sony, a frontal fingerprint scanner, rear heart rate monitor, 16GB of storage with expansion option up to 256GB through microSD, which allows you to store a large number of apps, pictures, and all kind of files. It has a 5.5-inch OGS screen with HD resolution and dual-layer touch-sensitive panel with multi-touch and five-point support. It goes on and on, but you can check out out comprehensive Bluboo Edge review


By the way, the Edge model is currently available on presale for just $129.99. If you’re game for this amazing offer, check out more details here: http://promo.bluboo.hk/edge/


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