Xiaomi Official Says There’s No Xiaomi Mi Mix Nano at All – Tears!

The rumors of a mini version of Xiaomi Mi Mix are trending all over the internet. The so-called Xiaomi Mi Mix Nano is believed to be a 5.5-inch, ceramic chassis, edge-to-edge screen smartphone. It’s perhaps the smaller brother with Snapdragon 821, reduced 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. But, it looks like that everything is merely a lie as Xiaomi officials deny the presence of Xiaomi Mi Mix Nano.

The leak about Mi Mix Nano spread too much that it just grabbed the attention of @ Zang Zhiyuan, Xiaomi’s marketing director. On Weibo, he said:

There’s no such product as Xiaomi Mi Mix Nano,  there’s a brand using “low level trick” to do sales.

No Xiaomi Mi Mix Nano

We saw many leaked pictures of Xiaomi Mi Mix Nano, even some showed the configuration and the codename ‘Nano.’ After all these exposures, hearing that there’s no such thing as Mi Mix Nano by an official seems to be somewhat unexpected and heartbroken.

Still, is Xiaomi hiding something and looking for a surprise release. Xiaomi just said the words, and believing them to be true or false depends on us.

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