Meizu Frameless Smartphone Leaked – 2K, Fast Charge, Ultra-Thin!

No doubt, Xiaomi has made an everlasting impact by introducing the first nearly frameless (Edge to Edge) phone to the world. So, why Meizu will stay behind? Meizu has been one of the tough competitors for Xiaomi in these recent years. The design is the hallmark of Meizu as the manufacturer from the Chinese lands molds its smartphones from various, highly complicated processes.

Meizu frameless phone

Returning to the topic, Meizu’s first bezel-less phone was leaked on Weibo by the famous leakster ‘KJuma’. Looking at the image below, the phone looks the same as Xiaomi Mi Mix.

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Obviously, all upcoming edge to edge phones will be similar at the top front. But, the change comes with the thickness of Meizu frameless phone which is only 6.5mm making it ultra-thin and 133mm x 70mm x 6.5 mm regarding dimensions.


The photos also expose some hardware of the unidentified phone. Meizu frameless phone will be packed with stupendous features which are way better than Xiaomi Mi Mix. The leaked features include a 2K, Super Amoled (95% NTSC) and 36 watts (12 V and 3A) fast charge, tops up the battery in 40 minutes as the selling point of the terminal along 8 MP front-facing camera.

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The authenticity of the phone also questions. Meizu hasn’t told anything about a frameless terminal yet. We don’t know whether it’s an Edge-to-Edge phone like Mi Mix or the first true bezel-less smartphone. Only time can tell us with more leaks. So for that stay tuned.

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