The Images of the First Broken Xiaomi Mi Note 2 are Here!

We witnessed the first crash of a Xiaomi Mi Mix and it was one of the severe smartphone crackups. Today, another Xiaomi smartphone falls and hits the floor, and it wasn’t Xiaomi Mi Mix. This time it was the grand Xiaomi Mi Note 2 or now we should say broken Xiaomi Mi Note 2.


While people are struggling to buy Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and Mi Mix, a user (@ lion), was lucky enough to get his hands not one but four Xiaomi terminals. These include two Xiaomi Mi Note 2, one Mi 5S, and one Redmi Pro. You will be thinking how fortunate is the user but soon doom paid a visit when one of Mi Note 2 broke after a tragic fall. See the outcome yourself in the pictures below:

broken Xiaomi Mi note 2 xiaomi-mi-note-2-broken-4

Looks like the evil eye of his friends or maybe the viewers was no that much effective. Just kidding! The pictures show that the damage was not that much bad as that of Xiaomi Mi Mix, even though the phone strike the ground diagonally. We can see the upper right edge screen is damaged and a single crack spreads on the display and ends at the lower left edge. When compared to Mi Mix, there’s no multiple cracks and no broken chassis at all. The credit goes to the metal and glass rear and corning gorilla glass protection 3. If it would have been a ceramic shell, then Xiaomi Mi Note 2 would have been gone for sure.

As far as the user is concerned, he has no choice expect to regret as he didn’t purchase the 249 yuan accident insurance. Now the repairs of broken Xiaomi Mi Note 2 will cost more than the insurance cost. Hope the same doesn’t happen to you, so buy insurance with Xiaomi smartphones.


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