Second Round – Xiaomi Mi Mix & Mi Note 2 Sold out in 30 seconds & 1 minute respectively!

Today, the second round was on for Xiaomi’s latest smartphones (Xiaomi Mi Mix and Xiaomi Mi Note 2). This time, the sale started without any pre-booking in Mainland China. So, was the result different from the first batch/round?

Xiaomi Mi Mix and Mi Note 2 sold out
xiaomi mi mix and mi note 2 sold out

Yes, there was a slight change in the sale as compared to the first round. The sale started at 10:00. Several editors of the Express Technology witnessed the sale. They started to refresh the page before 10:00, followed by many buyers in the queue. Within 1 minute all Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and Mi Mix units were declared ‘sold out’ with the pop-up message.

Xiaomi Mi Mix again won the second round after getting sold out in 30 seconds right after 10:00. Meanwhile, Mi Note 2 lagged with only 30 seconds, taking a total time of 1 minute to sold all units of the second batch. In the first round, Mi Mix completed the sale within 10 secs while Mi Note 2 in 30 seconds. That round was a lot quicker than this one as it was for the appointed ones. Here’s a summary of both rounds mentioned in the table:

Attention: The internal data of table “165” is corrupted!

The next sale for these newcomers will be on Nov 11, on the global 11.11 shopping day. Soon the price of Xiaomi Mi Mix and Mi Note 2 will start to decline. But for now, the limited production and stock seems to be a valuable commodity for the phones to retain the price tag.

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