Crumpled Xiaomi Mi Mix Image Hits – Xiaomi’s Most Fragile Phone!

There’s no doubt that Xiaomi Mi Mix is the world’s most amazing phone till date. With 91.3% screen-to-body ratio, the phone is just more than a fascination. However, the edge to edge or almost borderless design along with ceramic chassis also means it’s Xiaomi most fragile phone.


Xiaomi Mi Mix is not on sale yet. Still, we get to witness the first image of an unfortunate broken Mi Mix. It is said that in Xiaomi Hangzhou, the phone accidently hand slipped and the outcome was a total disaster.

crumpled Xiaomi Mi Mix

As shown in the image above, the upper left corner of the body was damaged which indicates that the phone hit the ground diagonally, upper left corner first. Not only we can witness the broken screen but crumpled ceramic frame as well. The two elongated cracks along the screen are also visible in the picture mentioned above. After all, there’s no protective feature such as Corning Gorilla Glass Protection present.

Xiaomi Mi Mix first batch sale will hit the market on Friday at 10:00. If you are fortunate enough to grab one of the units, add some protection to till like the case along the official accident insurance (249 yuan/$36.9). Let’s hope the same doesn’t happen to your Mi Mix.



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