Xiaomi Fastest Selling Phone – Xiaomi Mi Note 2 units sold out in 50 seconds!

Indeed, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is another Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that hopefully won’t explode. It’s Xiaomi’s best till date. So, what can we expect from the sales of the flagship?

Today, at 10:00, the dual curved Xiaomi Mi Note 2 was officially on sale. Even it was the first time for Express Technology Editor to experience the buying of Mi Note 2. The result within 50 seconds after 10:00 was unexpected. All Xiaomi Mi Note two units sold in 50 seconds!

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 sold out

We know that it’s not the first time for Xiaomi that the products are sold in seconds. Xiaomi Mi 5 was also sold at lightning speed when it hit the market for the first time. But, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 stock out was a lot faster than Mi 5.

The versions on the sale included:

  • Standard Edition (4GB + 64GB) at 2799 yuan/$413.59
  • Higher Edition (6GB + 128GB) at 3299 yuan/$487.48

Both variants have the bright black or glacier silver option to be selected.


It is worth mentioning that yesterday Xiaomi official letter also appointed the buyers on Xiaomi Mi Note 2 sale. Users selected stores and pick up time and fill in the relevant information, after the successful November 1st notification time to shop direct purchase.

Xiaomi Mi Mix will be ready to sell on November 3; interested users will be able to peek at it. Hope that you will be lucky in grabbing it, as the same expected results can be seen like Mi Note 2. Be quick! As far as Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is concerned, for another sale, we’ll have to wait until November 8.

So, did you got a Mi Note 2? Tell us.


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