Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera Review – When Art is combined with Lenses

The Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera is the latest surveillance camera from Xiaomi. It’s actually called Yi Dome Camera publicly because Yi Technologies, the makers of this camera and many other cameras portrays itself publicly to be a separate brand from Xiaomi. However, those who have full knowledge about these things know that Yi is a subsidiary of Xiaomi, so we can safely call this camera the Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera.

This CCTV camera comes from Yi’s smart home line, and it sports a design different from the Xiaomi Ants Smart Camera. The price is also way ahead of Xiaomi Ants Camera. This is a step up from previous products by Xiaomi with its unique design and distinctiveness.

Due to its unique design, it has been likened to Samsung CCTV cameras; it’s best for monitoring children at home. If you do not want to leave your kids to the mercy of babysitters and nannies, a Xiaomi Yi Dome camera would be the perfect fit.

Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera Comparison
Left to Right – Xiaomi Smart Camera, Yi Home Camera, Yi Dome Camera

Unlike the Ants, the Yi Dome can move up to 360 degrees to the direction of your target. The Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera is not just a CCTV camera; it packs more functions and can be called a multi-purpose video shooter. Due to the equipped sound, you can use it to make video calls back home when you are far away.

It is important to note that the Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera is exclusively for indoor use only, so it might would not work as well as you would expect if you attempt to use it outdoors. Find out in this Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera review why you should choose this device from the horde of other options from numerous brands available in the market.

Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera Review: Monitor your home in HD Resolution

Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera

Packaging and Accessories

Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera Packaging

The red-colored label with an inscription “Yi Dome Camera” is so strategic on the white box packaging of the Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera. The packaging has a transparent screen-like interface through which you can view the device. Inside the packaging, you will find the following;

Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera Package Contents

  • Xiaomi Yi surveillance camera.
  • A lengthy USB cable.
  • Wall plug power supply with American 5V / 2A.
  • Guarantee slip.
  • Brief user manual in English.
  • A brochure listing the Yi Technology products.
  • Two fixing screws and a plastic base for attaching the dome camera on a wall.

Design and Build

Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera Design

The helmet of the first astronaut to go to space is what will come to your mind when you see the head of Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera. Simplicity is the qualifying word for the build of the camera, and even though the body is made entirely of plastics, it is still well crafted.

Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera Head Design

The front side of the camera houses the lens and the microphone for audio purposes. The blue status indicator light is also situated at the front.

Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera Side View

Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera Side View

The right and the left side have the speakers for audio output.  The reset button, microUSB port and microSD slot are placed on the back panel.  The bottom panel has the hook for the base that for pinning the Dome Camera to a wall.

Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera Bottom Design

Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera Back Design

The Yi Dome camera is available in just two color variants; black and white. Despite the impressive features, this beautiful robotic camera weighs only 235 grammes.

Hardware Functionality

Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera Hardware Specifications

The Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera is equipped with an image sensor that offers 112-degree viewing angles. With the camera, you can record videos at a maximum resolution of 720p. There are eight Built-In 940nm (non-invasive) infrared LED lights, and Night Vision on the Yi dome camera captures and display all details in the dark up to 3 meters with zero glare.

There is a peace of mind that comes with knowing that you and your family are protected day and night. To me, the most intriguing new feature is the minute engine that allows you to rotate the lens to a maximum of 345 degrees horizontally and 115 degrees vertically.

The camera, of course, has a microphone and two sensitive speakers that aid two-way communication via the internet. The microphone is highly responsive and has an inbuilt anti-noise filter to enhance the fidelity of the conversation and monitoring.

The Micro-SD slot (Class 4 and above Micro SD)which is expandable to 32GB will aid the continuous recordings of the video. A 32 GB Micro SD card can store around continuous 80-hour-long video recordings. You can as well double the assurance through securing your video on YI Cloud which is to be made available soon.

While the Wi-Fi module 802.11 single-band allows for the transmission of live streaming, and alerting when motion is sensed. Wi-Fi is not the only connectivity the Dome has; you can connect to the device via a single Micro USB port on the device.

Software Functionality

Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera Smartphone App


Connecting the Xiaomi Yi Dome to your home network is via the Yi Home room which is the official application of the product. Yi Home room is available on both the Android and Apple application stores. The application is only available in English and has an easy to understand and simple user interface.

Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera App Settings


You should note that if you purchase the American International Version, in order not to get an error message during pairing with the official app, you must choose any country in North America. The official app is not as sophisticated as the Home Room 2 but has the most important and necessary features in it.

Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera Settings

Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera App Settings

Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera Smart Detection Settings

Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera Smartphone Integration



Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera Cruise Settings


With the official app, you can do the following;

  • Record videos and take pictures that are displayable on your mobile devices.
  • Initiate communication with people inside the framed room
  • Whenever motion is detected, alert can be activated.
  • Activation of the automatic rotation lens.
  • Controlling of the internal motor to rotate both horizontally and vertically.
  • Activating the follow person mode by rotating the lens using the internal engine.
  • Rotating 180 degrees while video streaming, it is more effective when hung upside down.
  • Making non-stop recording due to the Micro-SD storage.

Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera Photo Samples and Shots

Below are some photo shots and images taken with the Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera at its full resolutiion (HD, 1080 * 720 pixels). Do you like them?

Click to enlarge


  • Bookmarking of favorite locations.
  • High-quality video recording and streaming.
  • Ease and simple set-up.
  • Night vision.
  • Two-way communication via microphone and speaker.
  • Swift alert system.


  • Price is a bit on the high side.
  • The plastic material may not stand the test of time.


I don’t like hyping devices, and what I will say here may look like an exaggeration, but I assure you that it is the true capability and ability of the device. I’ve used a couple of camera devices that promise tonnes but deliver little. In the case of the Xiaomi Yi Dome Camera, the reverse seems to be the case; the manufacturer must have pledged a little but has ended up delivering hugely. The rarity of its features even in high-end surveillance cameras is the strength of this device; it’s not a match for most of it peers.

Like many other users, I’m impressed with the performance of the Dome camera. Perfect in an easy way, but sophisticated in a relaxed mode. Arriving as advertised, with all the features and accessories. To me it comes with an added advantage; it may be called a camera, but it’s another art to my shelf.

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