Huawei Honor S1 Smartwatch Debuts – A Perfect All-Rounder!

Today, apart from Honor X6, Huawei also launched their first smartwatch ‘Huawei Honor S1 Smartwatch’ to double the momentum at the conference.


Huawei Honor S1 Smartwatch – The Aspiring Design

From the pictures, Huawei Honor S1 Smartwatch appears to be a trendy circular smartwatch with a minimalistic design. The watch is forged from metal (maybe 316L stainless steel) and weighs only 35 grams. The silver round bezels surrounding the screen further exaggerates its beauty. In short, Huawei Honor S1 Smartwatch appearance is far higher than that of a typical sports watch.


With the standard 18 mm strap, the watch is customizable with tons of bands, each having a fantastic vogue. Even the watch comes with three colors to select: Navy Blue, Deep Gray, Vibrant Orange.

Huawei Honor S1 Smartwatch – The Dynamic Duo Functionality

The entire table body is 5ATM waterproof allowing S1 to become a swimwear along subsequent upgrades of identifiable swimming records.


Also, Huawei Honor S1 Smartwatch integrates an optical heart rate sensor. The best part is that it monitors the heart rate for the whole day (24 hours) along with temperature, fat burning, and five different motion zones.  Other features includes:

  • Real-time exercise intensity monitoring based on physical condition
  • A personal real-time pedometer

For the user’s every movement, the watch plots the data in the real-time graph.


The watch also acts as a smartwatch due to the functions like:

  • Caller ID Support
  • Message alerts
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Alarm clock


Another highlighted aspect is that Honor S1 sports payment service through Alipay. We won’t need a smartphone to do that anymore as the watch removes the re-authorization (Alipay) and guarantees payment security.

The manufacturer states that Huawei Honor S1 has a battery life of 6 days with average use.

Price and Availability

V-mall, Jingdong, Lynx will be the first one to sell the smartwatch at 10:08 on October 25 for a price of 699 yuan ($104).

Huawei Honor S1 Smartwatch

We will update you when the watch is available internationally. Now only Xiaomi has left behind in terms smartwatch as they don’t have one yet. When will Xiaomi make a smartwatch? For that stay tuned!



      1. I can’t find evidence for this anywhere else plus battery life so impressive. No offense, but looks impossible with Android wear.

  1. Xiaomi doesn’t even make their fitness bands – they are made by others and sold under Xiaomi brand name. I had 2 Xiaomi products and will NEVER more buy anything from them. No service in Europe, no support, basically you can throw any Xiaomi product away when it becomes broken in Europe.

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