Mi Note 2 Breaks New Ground With 5.7-inch Curved AMOLED Display From LG

We have seen a Xiaomi Mi Note 2 image before that might not convey a thousand words, so here we are with a pretty reputable source that points out more about the Xiaomi Mi Note 2. It does look as though the Mi Note 2 will be armed with a 5.7-inch curved AMOLED display from LG. This particular display will not hail from Samsung, as its fierce South Korean rivals LG are the ones behind it.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 will come with LG's curved AMOLED display

LG’s Curved AMOLED Display Set To See Action In New Xiaomi Mi Note 2

What makes matters more interesting is the fact that LG is mass producing these curved AMOLED displays, and the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 would be the first smartphone model that will sport this particular display. Surprising, isn’t it? That the folks over at LG are not going to introduce it in one of their very own branded devices is something else. It does make one wonder — could LG be adopting a wait and see attitude to make sure that the curved AMOLED display works well with the other components in the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 before the similar display is introduced to other models?

Other suspected smartphone manufacturers that have been rumored to pick up the same curved AMOLED display from LG would be an upcoming Vivo XPlay series smartphone that should hit the market before 2016 comes to a close. Will the curved AMOLED display cause problems for the smartphone overall? After all, some have said that the double curved design of the ill fated Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is what led to its fatal design flaw, resulting in exploding batteries at the most unexpected of moments.

If this particular curved AMOLED display is a rousing success, you can be sure that LG would be pretty quick off the blocks in rolling out their own smartphone model that will adorn a similar display. Perhaps the LG G6 would be one such device?

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