Xiaomi Bendable Smartphone with Flexible Display Leaks

For those who still think the new technology Xiaomi infused into the Mi 5S isn’t innovative, perhaps this recently leaked renders said to be of Xiaomi’s latest technology concept would convince them of Xiaomi’s innovativeness. The concept is that of a Xiaomi bendable smartphone.

Xiaomi bendable smartphone

The leaked renders originated this morning on social network site Baidu and are said to be those of a new Xiaomi concept phone which uses a flexible screen that can be bent in all directions. Although the renders look original, we can not authenticate them and even at that, it is very much likely that this is a concept phone and may not go into mass production anytime soon.

Xiaomi bendable smartphone

The Xiaomi bendable smartphone features a display that looks very stunning with ultra sharp output and if we must say, this sort of display would look very good on the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Note 2. However, it is unrealistic at this point that Xiaomi would release the Mi Note 2 with flexible display, curved display on the expected device is very likely.

Xiaomi isn’t the first to unveil a concept device with flexible display,though, Lenovo, OPPO have done that in the past and very recently, Samsung was revealed to have filed a patent for a foldable display.


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