Xiaomi Smartphones Can’t Be Beat On Price, Quality: Xiaomi CEO

Xiaomi smartphones might not reside on the high end pricing spectrum, but this does not mean that they compromise in terms of hardware quality and build, hence being labeled as a cheap smartphone for losers. That is the gist of what Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun shared earlier this evening, and we cannot help but agree with such claims.

Xiaomi Smartphones

Xiaomi smartphones might be cheap but they are chock-full of quality

After all, there are plenty of value-for-money propositions whenever we take a good look around. While a Ferrari might be an extravagant purchase, does it mean it is a reliable vehicle just because it is extremely expensive? Not really, as your run of the mill Toyota Corolla would probably be a whole lot more reliable and far more affordable to boot. Hence, the same can be said of Xiaomi’s smartphone offerings.

Just because Xiaomi decides to release smartphones that have a price tag that is easy on the pockets does not mean that build quality is compromised, not at all. Basically, Xiaomi would like to make sure that as many people as possible will be able to enjoy the wonders of a smartphone without having to break the bank. Bringing quality products to the masses without forcing them to pay through their nose is certainly a noble trait that other companies might want to consider.

The whole point about pricing Xiaomi smartphones affordably would be to ensure that more people take up their products. Not only that, good design principles have also been put into place, such as the fingerprint reader on the Xiaomi Millet 5S Plus. The entire finishing process in recent times have also been revamped, ensuring that the handsets themselves are not only pleasant to the eyes, but also to the touch.

However, when will Xiaomi shed their tag of being an Apple clone? Perhaps when folks look at the pricing structure of Xiaomi’s devices, they might not want to throw such an accusation in that direction any more.

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