Apple A10X Fusion Chip Posts More Power than the Powerful A10 Chip

The recently released Apple A10 Fusion chipset which accompanied the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is presently the world’s most powerful smartphone chip around considering the top-notch result it posted on several benchmarks evaluating its performance. The A10 floored the present Snapdragon 821 and even outpaced the A9, its predecessor. However, its days at the top seem to be numbered as a leaked Geekbench result of the expected Apple A10X Fusion chip has revealed a more superior chipset is on the way.

Apple A10X

The Geekbench result was leaked by a Weibo user and is expected to feature on Apple’s iPad Pro tablets. Just yesterday, we got rumors that Apple will release three iPad Pro models with diferrent sizes. One with a size of 7.9 inches, another with 10.1 inches and 12.9 inches display size respectively and embedded inside the tablets would be the Apple A10X fusion similar to the A9X that came out after the A9 chip. Because of performance issues and heat control, both the Apple tablets and smartphones cannot use the same chipset.

The result is in the form of a graph courtesy of techtastic comparing the A10X with Apple’s previous chips. The graph shows the Apple A10X chips pulling a single-core performance score of 4236 points and in the multi-core performance test, the A10X scored 6588 points. When compared with the A9X processor, the A10X’s single-core performance increased by 34%, while the multi-core performance leaped by 27%. On the other hand, when compared with iPhone 7’s A10 Fusion chip, the Apple A10X single-core performance increased 21.9%, multi-core performance increase of 19.8%.


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