Tips & Tricks: Installing Redraw keyboard with multiple app features on Xiaomi phones

The advent of smartphones saw the replacement of physical keyboards with virtual ones. Aside the generic Android keyboard on most Android powered smartphones there are hardly many awesome alternative choices available most times. There are tons of keyboard apps out there, no doubt but most times they fall short of expectations with some just a make over of the Android keyboard app. Redraw keyboard has come to change all that.

redraw keyboard

Redraw keyboard is the brainchild of innovative international app developer T-Me Studios headquartered in Romania. The Android based keyboard app features branded and colorful themes, gesture typing by swiping, integrates Google Docs, multiple language options, and lot more functionalities. The app comes as a fun alternative to the default Android keyboard, and is available on Google Play store. In addition, it is a bug-free and packs entertaining and productivity-enhancing features, together with clever ASO techniques.

Among the features you get on the Redraw Android keyboard include:

  • Google Drive integration for easy access to documents and other files right from the keyboard;
  • Instant translation for chatting with friends and clients anywhere in the world. Many languages like Hindi, Turkish,Italian, Dutch, French, Hebrew, Czech, Russian, German, Polish etc, with more on the way.
  • Gesture typing that speeds up typing for the busy professional and the swipe-happy millennial alike.

redraw keyboard on xiaomi phones

  • Branded themes (featuring the biggest names in the entertainment business) to customize the keyboard according to one’s taste in movies, games and the like.

redraw keyboard

  • Easy customization of both the colors and the fonts use throughout the keyboard. I did the one on the screenshot below

redraw keyboard

• Emojis and sticker packs packed full of creative icons and GIFs that have quickly become a must have feature for any keyboard app.redraw keyboard

  • Gamification feature that presents users with the kind of fun usually found in games: amassing coins based on usage and specific in-app behavior, winning trophies, and placing in the leaderboard with other users around the world.

If you are interested in installing this keyboard on your Xiaomi smartphone, then you can get it installed on your Xiaomi device by following our step-by-step guide.

Tips & Tricks: How To Install Redraw Keyboard App on Xiaomi phones

Step 1: Download the Redraw keyboard on Google Play Store, you can do that from here. Tap on the install button and wait for the installation to start.

Redraw Android keyboard

Step 2: When installation has been completed, click on the Redraw keyboard quick launch icon and then click on Activate Redraw Keyboard to set it as your default keyboard. Tick the box on the window that pops up as shown on the screen shots below.

redraw keyboard

Step 3: Select the box before Redraw keyboard, pictured above and then tap “OK”. That automatically takes you to the phones Keyboard and input methods settings section(picture below) and then you have to tick the box before Redraw keyboard to activate on the phone.

redraw keyboard

Step 4: Click on Select Redraw Keyboard (Option Number 2 on below screenshot) after activation.

redraw keyboard

Step 5: That take you to “Choose input method” settings on your phone. Select Redraw keyboard, which automatically de-selects Android keyboard temporarily. The keyboard apps starts after that giving you a view of the lovely themes available. That’s it, it’s that simple!
redraw keyboard

Tips: The keyboard actually is fun to use, looks like a game where you can buy themes, emojis and others using coins that cost a few cents on the Google Play Games. You can get 1000 coins free just by clicking on the hand prompt which keeps flashing at the top right corner of the phone as shown on the screenshot below.

redraw keyboardredraw keyboard
redraw keyboard

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