Xiaomi Mi 5S Dual Camera: Watch Out, iPhone 7 Plus

Mi 5S Dual CameraIs the Xiaomi Mi 5S dual camera feature a reality in the upcoming handset? That seems to be the case based on the latest leak. This particular information just confirmed the suspicions of many, where we are looking at 6GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage, and a 5.15-inch Full HD display which will keep company Qualcomm’s Under Glass Ultrasonic Fingerprint sensor and NFC support for Mi-Pay. The asking price of the Mi 5S has also been revealed to cost 1,999 yuan ($300)

Xiaomi Mi 5S dual camera feature a bonus

It is really difficult to separate China’s Xiaomi from being deemed as the Apple of China. The reasoning? Xiaomi seems to take a page out of Apple’s book every single time. The sad thing is, Xiaomi is always a step or two behind.

Take the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 5S for instance. Losing the Home button? Check. An overall design that resembles the iPhone (and this has been happening for many of its previous models)? Check. Naming convention with the “S” and “Plus” suffixes? Check.

With this latest leak, it seems that the Xiaomi Mi 5S too, will be right behind the iPhone 7 Plus’ heels when it comes to incorporating a dual camera behind. The saving grace would be this: you do not need to pick up the Mi 5S Plus in order to enjoy the dual camera configuration since the smaller Mi 5S is touted to come with such a feature.

We do hope to see real innovations and evolution happen in the smartphone industry that will be spearheaded by Xiaomi, rather than lagging behind a couple of moves. Perhaps the future will be different as the skill level and expertise of the Xiaomi development team increase. In the meantime, the Xiaomi Mi 5S looks to be another alternative for those who want a relatively affordable dual camera smartphone.

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