Huawei-Leica Partnership: New R&D Lab Set Up

Huawei-Leica partnershipThe Huawei-Leica co-operation is set to hit new levels, with their past collaboration having seen the dual camera Huawei P9 smartphone impress. We also know that the Huawei Mate 9, also a dual camera smartphone with two 20MP shooters at the back, is in the pipeline and should hit the market before the year is over. However, it seems that both Huawei and Leica intend to to bring their partnership to new heights by setting up a research and development laboratory.

Huawei-Leica want to advance the cause of dual camera smartphones

This will be a strategic partnership between the two companies that bodes well for the long term. Huawei is the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, and Leica’s reputation in the photography industry is nothing short of legendary.

It is understood that both Huawei and Leica will work on setting up a new laboratory that will be used by brains on both sides when it comes to research and development for new technologies that can be incorporated into newer smartphones and devices.

The laboratory will deal with new optical systems apart from imaging technology, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) niches. These look to be where the future of smartphones are headed, especially when you take into consideration the likes of Pokemon GO being an AR title that has taken the world by storm.

Not only that, Huawei and Leica also intend to rope in the expertise offered by German and other international universities and research institutions in furthering their research. This pool of global brains would definitely go some distance in making sure that future releases with dual cameras after the Huawei Mate 9 are formidable enough to duke it out with the very best in the market.

No doubt there will be other dual camera handsets rolling out later this month like the Xiaomi Mi 5S which have impressed with its sample photo so far, but Leica’s experience and expertise should see Huawei maintain a comfortable position at the pinnacle.

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