8H Multifunction Pillow U1: A Xiaomi Crowdfunding Project

Xiaomi 8H Multifunction Pillow U1The Xiaomi crowdfunding platform has another addition that might pique your interest in the form of the 8H Multifunction Pillow U1. This shows that Xiaomi does more than just smartphones — it has also delved into the world of fashion with its Xiaomi Jacket.

The Pillow U1 offers support at the right places

The 8H Multifunction Pillow U1 is no ordinary pillow, as it has more than one function. The asking price of 79 yuan (US$12) clearly places it within reach of the masses. Being touted as suitable for use during your office break, a travel companion, or simply to relax at home.

It measures 64cm across with a diameter of 16.5cm, making it suitable to fit around most necks comfortably. Within the 8H Multifunction Pillow U1 lies latex particles fillings that are soft, highly elastic, breathable, and comfortable. These latex particles will conform to your neck’s shape, or just about anywhere else that you place it.

On the outside of the Pillow U1, it uses Tianzhu cotton in its case. This results in a soft, well textured surface that might even feel like human skin. The polygiene silver ion antimicrobial agent used to cover the exterior makes washing a breeze since it inhibits bacteria and fungi growth, while suppressing odor.

One can choose from two choices: mixed gray and beige. At the moment, only one color is available, and the pillow should last you two years with regular use. Expect the Pillow U1 to begin shipping from October 20, 2016.

Xiaomi also does vacuum cleaners and TVs just in case you were wondering. This makes us wonder just which other particular niches will Xiaomi attempt to dip their fingers into. Could we be looking at a Xiaomi smart blender or a Xiaomi refrigerator to spruce up your home in the future? Only time will be able to tell.

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