iPhone 7 Plus Vs Huawei P9 Dual Camera Comparison!

Everyone knows that 2016 is the “twin-lens” era, whether the smartphone is a high-end, expensive terminals like iPhone 9 Plus and Huawei P9 or budget friendly like Xiaomi Redmi Pro. The point is that these phones with the dual camera have become trendy all over the planet. But, the scene behind the doubles is different in every smartphone. That’s why we are here to compare the two top dual lens smartphones; Huawei P9 and iPhone 7; especially the two camera blur effect, but only one could be the best. So let the battle of iPhone 7 Plus Vs Huawei P9 dual camera comparison began:

iPhone 7 Plus Vs Huawei P9 Dual Camera Comparison – The Difference is so Obvious!

Mentioning Huawei P9, the world’s first Leica lens configured with a dual camera with two large pixel sensors, an RGB sensor, a black and white sensor, accompanying the Sony IMX286 1200 megapixel sensor with a pixel size of 1.25 microns.

iPhone 7 Plus Vs Huawei P9 Dual Camera Comparison

Meanwhile, iPhone 7 Plus is also equipped with a dual camera with wide angle, telephoto, each 12 megapixels, the aperture F1.8, and F2.8, respectively and 6P lens. Apple’s own ISP, supporting OIS optical image stabilization and 2x optical zoom (10x digital zoom).

On Weibo, @Mr Two Smartphones compared both terminals with the same scenes. Let’s see:

First (iPhone 7 Plus), Second (Huawei P9)
First (iPhone 7 Plus), Second (Huawei P9)

From the above pictures in the slider, in the particular environment (Glass Lamp, Flower Petals), iPhone 7 Plus performed better in iPhone 7 Plus Vs Huawei P9 Dual Camera Comparison. That is because iPhone 7 Plus is also a post-simulation, which processes images more in place as compared to Huawei P9.

First (iPhone 7 Plus), Second (Huawei P9)
First (iPhone 7 Plus), Second (Huawei P9)

In these pictures, Huawei P9 is clearly performance way better than iPhone 7 Plus. The P9 camera added more details, along with color representation which pleases the eye. This was probably because P9 can stimulate SLR lens flare effect and focuses better. So, both terminals have separate unique features, and each performs better than the other at specific places. That’s why:

Winner: None (It’s a tie)

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