How to Reset Security Lock Password on Xiaomi Smartphones?

In many cases, Xiaomi smartphones might get locked due to any additional reasons. Few examples: your kid played around with your phone, your friend did a reasonable job with your phone, you put the phone in your pocket and you forgot to turn the screen off, or you might simply forget the password. Well, honestly things like that might happen in your life.

Instead of saying, “Uh, God! What did just happen?”, You can read this two cent trick on how to reset security lock password whether it’s a word password, PIN or even pattern lock.  So, keep calm and read:

Guide to reset security lock password on Xiaomi Mi & Redmi devices

Method 1: Thorugh Google security question to Reset Security Lock Password (screen unlock pattern) of Xiaomi Smartphones

For this, make sure you have an internet connection.

  • After many failed attempts had been made on your, Xiaomi smartphone to unlock the device, tap Forgot pattern
  • Click on ‘Answer’ question.
  • Type the Google security answer and click Unlock.
  • If it shows ‘Yes’ or ‘No,’ click on Yes if you want to create a new unlock pattern (PIN) or ‘No’ if you don’t want to use a screen lock.

Method 2: Using your primary Google account (Gmail account) to Reset Security Lock Password (PIN) of Xiaomi Smartphones

This reset method only works on Android devices. You can reset the password (Pattern) using the Google account. The internet connection is a must reset your password.

  • After you have entered the wrong unlock pattern five times, wait for 30 seconds and click forget password
  • Sign into your Google account (Gmail account) via username and password.
  • Draw a new unlock pattern or type password, then tap Continue.
  • For confirmation again Draw the new unlock pattern or type password and tap Continue.

Method 3: Reset your Screen Lock using Find Device

The dedicated method only available for the Xiaomi smartphone users to reset security lock password and another security code type. But first, make sure you have a Mi Cloud account.

Here’re the steps:

  1. First turn on the find device option from settings.
  2. Login to
  3. Enter your username and password
  4. Click ‘Find Device’ to reset your PIN/Password/Pattern with a new PIN code.

Method 4: Xiaomi Smartphones Hard Reset (Alternative)

  1. Turn off your phone.
  2. Next Press and Hold
  3. Volume Up + Power button (or)
  4. Home button + Volume Up + Power button (or)
  5. Volume Down + Power button (or)
  6.  Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button
  7. You will see Android reboot menu.
  8. Select the option: “wipe data/factory reset” using Volume Down, and Power button to confirm the action.
  9. Choose option “Yes” with Volume Down, in order to select and Power button to accept.
  10. After that press Power button to enter option “reboot system now.”
  11. Success. Your smartphone just got reset and formatted

Note: You can lose most of the phone-stored data like contacts, SMS, etc. Make sure that you make a backup. Moreover, this method is the only choice if you have forgotten the Google security question or Gmail account password and username.

Hope you will now reset your password in no time. If you have any problem, make sure to comment below.

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