LeEco Epic 919 SuperFan Festival: 1.178 Million Smartphones Sold & Counting

LeEco Epic 919 SuperFan FestivalEarlier today, we brought you news of the LeEco Epic 919 SuperFan festival that kicked off for 24 hours over in India, and the biggest news of the day from the Epic 919 SuperFan festival: a whopping 1.178 million units sold. Now that is a whole lot of smartphones sold in just 24 hours, no matter how you look at it.

Impressive sales figures from the Epic 919 SuperFan festival

As for the number of SuperTVs that were sold by LeEco, the final figure stood at 866,000 units, which is also more than double of what the previous year’s Epic 919 SuperFan festival managed to garner.

320,000 units of eco-friendly handsets also shifted, while 90.74 million yuan of smart tools were also sold. These smart tools include home security cameras and their ilk. In fact, 75 million yuan of wine were transacted, which would see many nights of revelry are in store for the masses, while gamers recharged their their respective accounts by topping up a total of 32 million yuan.

Other LeEco products under their range totalled 94 million yuan for its final sales figure. The executives at LeEco are certainly smiling all their way to the bank with the latest edition of the Epic 919 SuperFan festival. Still, the amount of money shifted during that time pales in comparison to what Alibaba achieved with their Singles’ Day, but any start is a good start, don’t you think so?

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