Apple A10 Vs Snapdragon 821 Comparison – Tremendous Gap To Follow

Apple versus Qualcomm Snapdragon has always been one of the most prominent fights in the tech world. Both assemble world’s high-end mobile processor. Both initiate the war between iOS and Android or simply Apple and the other brands. For 2016, we have the Apple A10 Vs Snapdragon 821 – the latest top-notch processors on the market.

Although on every iPhone release, Apple never mentioned parameters and performance of phones and the new iPhone every time is flawless and impressive regarding performance, no doubt. Meanwhile, Android flagships specify parameters and performance. For them, mentioning this is a way to sell the terminal at the market. Well, for Apple, it’s nothing because the whole world knows that every time Apple’s iPhone leads the smartphones.

But the world relies on testimony, for which we are here. So let the battle began:

Apple A10 Vs Snapdragon 821 – Which Powerhouse Leads the Way?

It should be noted that Apple A10 is Apple’s latest processor, integrated with the recently released iPhone 7. Apple A10 is a quad-core processor clocked at the highest 2.34GHz. iPhone’s new heart features some incredible new features. As compared to its predecessor (A9), Apple A10 has improved 40% along with low power consumption to 1/5 of the previous processor. GPU architecture is unknown, and Apple states that it delivers 50% higher graphics performance than A9. Sadly, the TSMC’s manufacturing process is still 16nm, approximately 3.3 billion transistors integrated.

Meanwhile, the Snapdragon 821 is engineered to deliver a 10% performance increase over its ancestor Snapdragon 820. It’s an enhanced version of Snapdragon 820 with quad core Kryo CPU running at 2.4 GHz. It has an improved manufacturing process as compared to Apple A10, which is 14nm. Qualcomm’s latest SoC features improved Adreno 530 with 5% performance bump over the 820 processor. It can be found under the hood of Android smartphones like Xiaomi Mi 5S and Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe which was the king of the previous benchmark. Previous? Well, let’s see

We have taken iPhone 7, the previous iPhone 6s Plus, and large version iPhone 7 Plus, all in comparison to Android’s best phone till date, Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe. So, here are the benchmarks:

Overall Test – Geekbench 4

Apple A10 Vs Snapdragon 821

Here is the chart from the foreign media to make the comparison more international.

Apple A10 Vs Snapdragon 821

GPU Test – GFX OpenGL

Apple A10 Vs Snapdragon 821 Apple A10 Vs Snapdragon 821 Apple A10 Vs Snapdragon 821 Apple A10 Vs Snapdragon 821

Even regarding GPU, iPhone 7 GPU takes the lead with some breathtaking performance and graphics.


We were quite surprised to see that much enormous gap. Apparently, we thought that Apple was going to top the benchmark but not which that much difference (at some points the A10 yields double points than Snapdragon 821). So the winner of Apple A10 Vs Snapdragon 821:

Winner: Apple A10 (iPhone 7/ 7 Plus)


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