How To Install MIUI8 Via Recovery Mode On Xiaomi Smartphones?

Mi User Interface, shortly called MIUI (pronounced “Mi You I”), that comes with Xiaomi smartphones has always strived to give state-of-art experience to Mi users. And in the parallel, more user-friendly features are never a forgotten aspect catered by Xiaomi. For this purpose, Xiaomi Tech introduces newer and newer versions and upgrades. MIUI8 is the latest version that is uncovered. As our viewers have an overwhelming demand for “How To” tips to upgrade their Mi smartphones, we have brought for you this simple tech-tip. Here, we have brought for you an easy step by step guide on manual MIUI8 update for your Mi phones.

MIUI8 Update

There are a couple of methods to go about MIUI8 update, but this tech-tip is aimed at making the procedures so simple and without much intervention of apps that might land layman users to unknown faults and notifications. If you are a Mi user looking out for a very simple tech tip on MIUI8 update manually, you are at the right place.

Before The MIUI8 Update

Before the MIUI8 update, it is advised that you read our previous article where detailed information is covered related to the compatibility and model issues. Here are the simple steps to manually upgrade your Mi smartphone with the latest MIUI8. You may also have an overview of the MIUI8 features from MIUI website.

Although the chances of a fault during the update process is minimal, we recommend that you keep a backup of the existing data and apps just in case you somehow run into the problem and need the backup.

miui8 features at site
MIUI8 Update – Features of MIUI8

Steps To Manual MIUI8 Update

1. Download the latest version of MIUI8 ROM (file) from MIUI site. The downloaded file will have .zip as sub-extension.

miui8 download page screenshot
MIUI8 Download Page Screenshot

At this point, you can save the file in two ways. First, you can save the file directly in the storage of your phone. Second, you can save the file in the storage of your computer which will then be transferred to the phone storage.

2. Rename the file name to “”. The downloaded file will have a long name and have .zip as sub-extension. You can rename the filename using your PC (if in your computer) or by using the file manager (if in your phone).

3. Place the file in the internal memory of your phone and in the root directory, which means that the archive should not be inside any folder.

4. Open the Updater app in your Mi phone. The updater app will be found in the Tools folder.

5. Tap on the three dots located at the top right corner of the Updater screen. From there, select/tap on the “Reboot to Recovery Mode” from the options.

Your Mi phone will reboot in Mi Recovery Mode from the moment you tap on the “Reboot to Recovery Mode” option. It the first stage of entering in the MIUI8 update through “Recovery Mode.”

6. You will be prompted to make selections/tap options in further steps. Follow the steps given below:

Choose “Install to System”->Select “Yes”.

Now, flashing procedure will start on the phone. You just will have to wait for the process to complete.

7. On completion of this MIUI8 update process, you will be notified on screen- Update Complete!

Now, just tap on the “Back” button then Reboot the device.

Now, you are done with the MIUI8 update process, and your Mi phone is ready with the new interface.

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