How to recover deleted Files on xiaomi phones


Are you using a Xiaomi phone? Definitely you might have at one time lost pictures or videos from your xiaomi phone just like any other phone user. Not all important files are secured from accidental deletion. What if your important files were deleted and before you realize, they are all wiped clean from the recycle bin! You don’t have to worry any more, we now have the disk drill data recovery app that will enable you recover both deleted files and lost partition.



  1. The disk drill data recovery app will do a Great Job

An accidental click of a button or a random power outrage might leave you without very important files. Luckily, you can today download the disk drill data recovery app and let it do what it does best; recover your lost files. You will have to scan your Xiaomi phone system for the deleted files and tell you what it will be able to recover.


The disk drill is perfect at recovering deleted files and is even capable of recovering files that were deleted from the recycle bin. However, you need to start the recovery process fast before the low level file system is overwritten with new data which will lower the chances of you getting your erased files.

The disk drill will offer you with lots of choices on methods to use to recover your files such as the lost partition search, quick and deep scans, catalog rebuild and other great options.

In case your deleted files are under 2GB, you can always recover the files for free using the disk drill.

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  1. Recover the deleted files

After opening the disk drill, a list of all the available drives will be listed in the scanned system. You will be required to select the one that needs to be recovered and start the scan process by clicking “recover” button. The scan process should not take long though the time taken will entirely depend on the size of your drive.


  1. Review the data

You will always have an option of recovering the deleted partition or restoring the whole drive or simple to select a specific file which you need to recover.


  1. Get your docs, images and videos back!

Click on the “Recover” button one more time in order to get back the files that you had filtered and selected. The disk drill data recovery app is able to recover any type of file you think of.



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