Meizu m3s Rose Gold is now Selling at $105

For the past few months, most of the phone manufacturers from various brands have held conferences to release their products. Of all the releases held Meizu conferences have been organized more than others. The release of the Meizu m3s Rose Gold was scheduled for the month of April. However, it was later postponed to 13th June. And it finally reached the retail market on 2nd September. This is also the first time Meizu m3s Rose Gold will be using “S” to refer to an upgrade version of one of its existing phone. It is also one of the first devices from Meizu with mid-range price segment.

meizu m3s

The Meizu m3s Rose Gold is designed in an integrated polycarbonate body hence the cost and the processing cost of the material are higher when compared to the plastic body. Meizu m3s Rose Gold measures 8.3mm thick, the weight is 138g which is heavier by 6 grams than Meizu Blue 3 and there is the highlight T-slot set up into Meizu m3s Rose Gold.

The Meizu m3s Rose Gold has a display screen of about 5 inches and 720 pixels. It is made up of MT6750 processor, built-in 3020mAh battery; 5 million front cam + post positioned 13 million pixel cameras and a 2GB/3GB memory +16GB/32GB storage space. The rear camera and the flashlight in the device are located in the middle, with the back in three-mode styles. The Meizu m3s Rose Gold has also adopted a 2.5D curved glass which not only ensures more texture on the display screen and when being held but reveals its high appearance than the same price or above of the product.

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