Comparison: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 VS Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, what on earth is the difference in Appearance?

Redmi Note 4 phone, a new brand of Xiaomi was officially released last August 25th. When compared to Redmi Note 3 which was released last November, the Redmi Note 4 phone is just but an upgrade version of the Note 3. However, the Redmi Note 4 managed to obtain a big promotion in the appearance of its design, performance aspects and internal hardware storage. Now let’s look at the changes in Note 4 appearance and its effects!

compare 1

Appearance aspect is just but one of the biggest differences between the Note 4 and the Note 3 phones. So whenever these two phones are put together, you can always see the difference between the two phones.

The Redmi Note 4 phone is made up of a 2.5 D curved glass while the Redmi Note 3 uses the ordinary flat glass. However, from the outside, there seems to be very minimal difference though in the edge slide experience and visual perception, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 has huge promotion and a much more comfortable operation.

compare 4

Now turn the phones over and have a look at their back design. Both the two phones revealed their distinct design language. The Redmi Note 3 as the first ever full metal phone demonstrated last year’s design language of a sleek back shape which made the phone look a bit mediocre.

compare 3

The back of the Note 4 design also adopts the full metal design though it uses the ceramic sandblasting process made up of delicate texture which makes it have an excellent feel.

compare 5

The Redmi Note 4 also does highlight the upgrade of the texture when compared to the Redmi Note 3. The Note 4 applies the use of two high gloss CNC metal cutting bar at different angles which reveals its excellent metallic texture.



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