Meizu to Launch M3E Star Trek Limited Edition  


Meizu has announced the release of its new cool blue colored Charm Blue edition of Meizu M3E. This will be released in correlation with the release of the movie Star Trek 3 with its first premiere in China on September 2. The release will be done in the official Meizu store in the mall and even at flagship stores. There will also be an online release and the phone will be available only on limited edition of about 5000 Units. The device is priced at 1499 yuan.


In basic structure, the Meizu M3E and the Blue Charm are both the same and this one is a mode to applaud the sci-fi series. The back cover is metallic blue with a black front panel and this color has been used by Meizu to tag into the blue E color series. The cover has the exclusive Star Trek logo and package comes with a Star Trek badge for the science fiction movie fans. Even the interface device is based on the communication with space theme.


Star Trek movies have captured the attention of science fiction loves for quite a long time. It has given tremendous inspiration to the scientific community with its several episodes which depict frontier scientific theories in newer plots. Meizu has shown its salutation to an era of sci-fi plotting and entertainment.


The device will be an all metal body with a 2.5D front glass. The processor will be 8-core Helio P10 and RAM of 3GB. The internal storage will be 32 GB. The camera is 5 MP front cam  and 13 MP main module. The screen size is 5.5 in full HD definition with an Android 6.0 base.

Meizu has also informed that the Blue Charm Limited Edition is just a beginning or the first step to Television Category inspired devices.


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